Kids Creating Masterpieces - 
at your school for all ages

A remarkable artistic journey into self-discovery through the creation of pastel portraits. 

All of the children will be successful whatever age through the engaging methods used. Irena takes each class through the art process. This class is approx. 1hr 30 mins and three classes can be taught in a day – (up to 90 children). Everything is supplied. You can choose fun themes or your present study themes e.g. Self Portrait, Christmas, stories, history, aboriginal, animals and more... discuss your ideas.  You will be amazed at the quality and maturity of the work! Children will gain a sense of self confidence and will be eager to reflect on their art and themselves. These lifelike portraits will help them to discover their own uniqueness and see through artist eyes, improving visual and tactile perception as well as coordination. Children enjoy this class immensely.


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